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How Lou's Diner Came to Be...

It was fall of 1969 and Joe Fallon was a cook at Decatur Drugs. His wife Ellen and he decided to open their own restaurant. They found a location across Decatur and named it Jo-Ells. They were opened six days a week and served breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At that time, the city of Las Vegas ended at Alta and Decatur. Jo-Ells was literally at the edge of town and was the only restaurant within miles so business was booming. People were lining up down the street.

In July of 1972, a spunky and energetic woman applied for a job at the restaurant. Joe and Ellen loved her and hired her on the spot. This young woman was Louise Walters. It wouldn't be unusual to find her three boys at the same table every morning before school. That booth later on became Lou's office. As the boys got older, beginning with Kip, the eldest, then Jeff followed by Kevin, they all took their turn working at Jo-Ells as bus boys as well as dishwashers. Lou worked for Joe and Ellen until their retirement in 1985. They then sold the restaurant to a couple Kwak and Yee Ho. They ran the restaurant for nine years and sold it to Chris Ells in 1994.

In the mid-nineties population in Las Vegas had boomed and Jo-Ells was no longer located on the outskirts, but now right in the center. Chris decided to sell the restaurant in 1997. Although many things in Louise's life have changed, her working place never did. So now she had a decision to make. She could not bear the thought of having to train another boss, so now Louise and new husband Jim Lauber decided to take a second mortgage on their house that they had just paid off and purchased Jo-Ells. They opened their doors as renovated Lou's Diner in November of 1997. It quickly became a successful family restaurant, where Lou and Jim's kids and grandkids worked as part of the crew that they worked so hard to create.

Lou and Jim ran the diner for a long 18 years when they decided it was time to retire. They wanted the diner to go into good hands, so when they met Brian and Julie they felt like it was a great match. They wanted nothing else but to continue the legacy of Jo-Ells and Lou's Diner. Therefore, Lou and Jim stuck around and showed how things are done before they felt that Brian and Julie were ready to take completely over.

December 7, 2015 is when Brian, Julie and their young son Matthew became proud owners of Lou's Diner, which is truly a place where you always feel welcome and right at home!