KNPR’s “Best of the City” Chooses Lou’s Diner

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KNPR names Lou's Diner among the Best of Las Vegas eateries as well as a local favorite.

For almost 50 years, Lou’s Diner has been tucked away off Decatur south of U.S. 95. It’s been around forever — and yet under the radar. Nowadays, it’s mostly obscured by a Walgreen’s, but it doesn’t prevent a swarm of locals from filling it daily for a dose of simple pleasures — coffee that’s fresh and hot, and spot-on comfort food, including masterful renditions of such classics as a hearty chipped beef on toast and a Monte Cristo reminiscent of the Bennigan’s stalwart. Be sure to order some toast simply for an excuse to try their housemade jams (I’m fond of the mixed berry), and save room for one of Patty’s cinnamon rolls. 431 S. Decatur Blvd.,

Thanks to KNPR for choosing Lou’s Diner as the Best Diner of the City. More of their Best of the City selections can be seen here.