Lou’s Nabs the Cover of NPR’s Desert Companion

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Not only does Lou's Raspberry Pie look great on the cover but it's also full of deliciousness as Scott Dickensheets attests to in the accompanying "Pie" article in Nevada Public Radio's Desert Companion.
Sabin Orr

With a delightfully morbid sense of humor, Dickensheets brings together Lou’s local popularity, wait staff personality, and even a martial arts reference – all to pay homage to our raspberry pie.

My future pallbearers might not appreciate the extra weight it’ll involve, but I’m thinking about having a second slice of this. It’s hard to resist the flavorful aikido between the tart raspberries and moist crust. Lou’s, a bustling old-school diner on Decatur beloved by its regulars and staffed by sass-slingin’ waitresses, bakes these beauties in-house, and in some hard-to-define way, it shows, and … hey, wait‚ I just remembered: I’m being cremated. Bring on that second slice!

And take a look below at the whole shebang leading into the article. Yum!

Sabin Orr