The Best Comfort Food of Your Life

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Only In Your State appreciates that Lou's Diner is unassuming while letting our food speak for itself.

Excerpt from the website Only In Your State’s article entitled “For The Best Comfort Food Of Your Life, Head To This Hole-In-The-Wall Diner In Nevada”

There’s something just oh-so-comforting about starting the day at a classic, old-fashioned diner. It seems like every town and city, no matter how large or small, always has a handful of diners to choose from. Maybe it’s just us, but we’ve made an observation that typically the more unassuming a diner is, the better it is! That’s certainly true for Lou’s Diner in Las Vegas. Serving up all of your favorite diner-style dishes for decades, Lou’s goes to show that you don’t need all the bells and whistles to satisfy hunger.

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